Posted on: January 15, 2009 4:17 pm

Jodie Meeks, WOW and Gregg predicted his success

If you had the opportunity to see the game that produced the highest scoring effort in UK history, I hope you were as amazed as I was.He was cold blooded and red hot. The amazing thing about this story is that as Meeks approached the record, the game plan didn't change to accommodate his achievement. The lanes weren't cleared out for a path to the hoop. Jodie wasn't jacking up desperate 3s. His teammates weren't needlessly feeding him the ball. Jodie Meeks simply made his shots. 10 made shots from beyond the arc and 14 of 14 free throws. He was clearly in "the zone" and it couldn't have happened to a nicer person. Congratulations, Jodie.

Posted on: November 13, 2008 6:48 pm

Which one, however unlikely, will happen first?

The Phillies win the World Series, Florida Marlins win twice in the last decade, the then unlikely Giants outlast the Patriots towards a major upset last year in the Superbowl. There have been some surprises in the sports world, to say the least. When the planets allign again, let me ask you who they will allign for first, the Bengals winning a Superbowl or Greg Odem completing a complete season?
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Posted on: October 21, 2008 6:43 pm

Violence as a fan at an NFL game. a worthless Be

Up until today  I haven't given a lot of thought to the violence that goes on in the stands of an NFL game. I have witnessed fights in the bathroom, foul language between rival fans and even beer throwing( which is alcohol abuse in my house). I am a season ticket holder at Paul Brown Stadium, 5 years now, and have not had a problem with any fan around me. In fact, I frequently take my 12 year old son and the fans around me, also season ticket holders and most I would consider friends, curtail the cursing in consideration of my young sons presense. Even though the Bengals are losing right now, I enjoy the NFL experience. I enjoy creating memories for my son and I. I am now willing to give it all up. And thats not fair! And it is out of my hands.

I do not want to condemn every NFL city, but I can speak to the goings on outside of my immediate area at PBS. A story broke today about a Bengal fan that was sucker punched and knocked out by a Steeler fan. That is disturbing enough on its' own. Imagine the surprise and horror for the wife and step daughter when returning from the restroom they are met by security carrying an unconscience and bloody husband/ stepdad up the steps. No one was arrested and the victim, upon learning that security did not follow up and try to find the person that laid the cowardly blow, became outraged and was told that he would be arrested if he didn't calm down.

There are countless stories of people reporting bad behavior to our " jerkline", only to be the ones escorted out of the stadium. Mike Brown has offered nothing in way of customer satisfaction, security, a winning team or a sense of unity for Bengals fans young and old. Another sickening story that is unbelievable, except I heard it from the son himself. This son and dad have enjoyed Sundays at a Bengals game for more than a decade. Imagine the monetary commitment from ticket prices and parking to beer sales and seat licenses over 12 years. The dad had suffered 2 strokes and as a result cannot navigate stairs without a great deal of difficulty. When the son noticed that the second set of escalators were still not operational( 3 weeks in a row now) he politely asked secueity if they may use the then unoccupied elevator. "No, it is reserved for people in wheelchairs". The son watched his dad walk down the stairs, one foot down and the other on the same step, and so on. At the bottom of the steps stood another security guard. The son asked when the escalators would be fixed and was responded with " get the F out of the stadium".

In closing: security is on top of securing the elevators but not the safety of the fans in the stands. Mike Brown sent out a press release notifying that the price of a luxury box will be raised by $9,000 a game next year. Fans have sold out the stadium for the last 5 years and we have enjoyed 1 winning season and one playoff game. I AM OFFICIALLY DONE! 


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Posted on: September 30, 2008 6:35 pm

A walking contridiction...The Raider nation? Al D

Just when I thought the Cincinnati Bengals couldn't be more pathetic, I give you the press confrence from Al Davis. WOW! Have you ever asked a small child if he or she ate the last cookie? Knowing full well that he ate the cookie, you have to ask anyway. Al Davis sat at that podium today with crumbs all over his face. He was asked if Lane was fired for personal reasons, stating the personality conflicts between the two, Al answered " it's not personality conflicts, it's flat out lying". Later in the press conference Al Davis actually called Lane a liar and was very defensive about how he felt about Lane Kiffin. Al actually hoped that " someone would grab him by the throat and tell him he is doing the wrong thing". But there is no personality conflict? OK. My only question is not to Al Davis but to the next potential Raiders coach...Who's next?

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Posted on: August 15, 2008 10:59 pm

Phelps...excited? AT LAST.

I hope you watched. The 100 meter butterfly. It was the first time Phelps was tested throughout these games...and ...he WON. No pesrson ever thought he would lose, but, WOW, that was close(.01 a second, that is the difference We are witnessing the best  swimming, check that, ATHLETE in our spectrum of world competition.

Phelps is now tied for the record of "gold medals" won by an athelete in a single olympic appearance. It is 7.

Phelps has participated in 7 events, and

 has won ...7 events. Phelps will lean on his fellow teammates to complete his quest for 8 gold medals. I say that Michael has done all that he could. I cannot imagine a better group...check THAT... FAMILY, to help bring back the gold for number "8". We have the gold medal winner at 100 meter backstroke to start this "route".

Bottom line: Phelps......8 UP........8 WON.   spectacular. I hope you were watching.

Posted on: August 14, 2008 6:06 pm

Michael Phelps on performance enhancers??? I hate

Thanks Barry and Roger, thanks for casting a shadow of lies and cheating on anyone who succeeds in sports.

To suggest that Phelps is on performance enhancers is both ignorant and irresponsible. Anyone who knows the training regiment of a world class swimmer knows better.

At the peak of Phelps' training, he will spend nearly 8 hours a day splitting training time in the pool and in the weight room. The workout sessions are heavy and exhausting.As the olympics approach, Phelps will begin to "tapper" his training. He works with less weight and more reps. Instead of swimming 10- 200 meter sets, he will swimm 20- 100 meter sets. At about a week out, the weights are suspended and he will swim mostly short sprints with considerale rest in between. Phelps is intaking mass amounts of carbohydrates to fuel his muscles.

Like a well trained quarter horse, Michael Phelps is at absolute peak performance and ready to compete with world class swimmers in 8 events. Phelps holds the world record for the number of lifetime olympic gold medals. He will be trying to break the record for most gold medals in a single olympics. The current record is 7, held by Mark Spitz. So far, Phelps has 5 gold medals and 5 world records in 5 events. He still has 3 events to go. Good luck!

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Posted on: August 5, 2008 5:29 pm

We just saw "4th street". show us "the river".

Well, the circus in Green Bay is about to hit its' final act. Like a classic head-to-head hold'em showdown, it all comes down to the river card. As both sides try to get a "read" from the other, Green Bay has just pushed "all in". Now it's up to Brett. Come on, Brett, you already have most of your stack already in the middle. You can't fold now. Push'em in and let's see who walks away victorious. Ultimately, I think Brett gets the last laugh, and walks with the fullest pockets.
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Posted on: June 29, 2008 11:00 pm

Who likes boo s?

This is a fetal attempt at getting a response. If you do like boobs, go to bigjoggs com. If you like boobs, without fleshy orbs, look no further than Chad Johnson. How can this guy have any credability left with his "fans"? He doesn't! I am a season ticket holder and cannot wait for the first game of the season. This guy will be, TRUST ME, met with a defening BOOOOOOO when either announced or after his first catch. And I will be there. I can't wait! If Ocho Stinko wants any cred amongst his fans, he better fire Drew R osenhouse now. Chad needs to make it public and brutal. With Chads' delicate persononality and sometimes child-like actions, he will crumble when he returns to the jungle thinking "everything is cool, the fans still love 85". NO WE DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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